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Realising great projects together ! 

Grondbalans is a company that trades in soil, dredging spoil and mineral building materials .

If it has to do with soil, we are at your service   

We act as an intermediary in the sale of soil and we arrange for its transport and delivery, coordinate sampling and supervise implementation - and we take care of all the related administration, too. We manage soil banks and recycling works and, furthermore, develop digital applications for your soil and depot management. Finally, we convert our expertise and experience into advice on soil and soil applications, combining the most economical solutions with meticulous soil management 

Grondbalans is your partner when it comes to soil, dredging spoil, rubble, asphalt, sand and any other building materials, irrespective of whether it is clean or not.  


Grondbalans is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, the National Assessment Guideline BRL 9335 (for soil) and, through Baggerbalans, with the National Assessment Guideline BRL 7500 (for the processing of contaminated soil and dredging spoil). Grondbalans is also in possession of a VIHB certificate (for transporters, collectors, dealers and brokers of industrial or hazardous waste substances). Certification in these different fields guarantees the meticulousness of our operational processes and ensures that we meet your requirements.

The founding of Grondbalans  

Grondbalans B.V. was founded in 1997 in response to the growing demand for brokers to match the supply of and demand for batches of soil. This is still our core activity, even after all this time. We have, however, expanded our services. We are a knowledge-intensive network organisation that keeps a close eye on new developments in the soil world and influences soil policy wherever possible. We carry out all kinds of soil-related activities, as well as providing advice. We are a network organisation and realise your projects together with business partners.  

Grondbalans B.V. has a compact, flat organisational structure and our customers include government authorities, municipalities, water boards, contracting firms, agricultural companies, contractors and project developers.  



Baggerbalans is a trade name of Grondbalans We combine forces to find solutions to your soil and dredging spoil problems

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